How to secure your rental date.

Your rental price is based on a standard rental use agreed upon at the time of contact. You will need to send a deposit check to us along with a signed lease to secure your rental date. Once received, your booking will be logged into the calender as unavailable to others. Payment with PayPal is available for an additional fee for deposit purposes only, usually when renting on short notice. The balance of your rental,including damage deposit, is due via certified bank check or cash on the day of your check-in. Personal checks will not be accepted the day of check in.

What is a standard rental?

A standard rental usually consists of up to 8 people and up to 5 cars for you and your visitors. One well- behaved dog is allowed as long is he/she is part of your family and is not a nuisance to others in the area. There are no hidden fees as long as you were up front about your use of the rental at the time of booking. If you would like extra fees please indicate this at the time of booking and we can add some every time you turn around. 

Rental and Damage Deposit

Your rental deposit is only refundable if we are able to secure another renter for the same price. If we are able to do this without incurring expenses, we will refund your deposit. Please be sure of the dates you want at the time of deposit to avoid problems. 

 Your damage deposit is to cover expenses that may be due to accident, negligence or just plain bad luck. The rental will be inspected shortly after you check out and you will be notified if there are issues requiring correction. Most times there are no issues and your deposit will be in the mail within 48 hours. Timely communication during your rental usually goes a long way in avoiding loss of deposit if something gets damaged. Making unexpected repairs on short notice when others are checking in is way more expensive than us knowing about it in advance and planning effeciently. 

PayPal Deposit Only


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

PayPal Can be used for Deposit only for an additional fee if necessary. This is normally done on short notice rentals when mailing checks is not possible. Please contact us for details before using PayPal